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Appliance Sales​

Take advantage of 0% interest financing!!!

“It never fails”, household appliances always let you down when you least expect it, and the out of pocket costs can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, the City of Americus Natural Gas Department has you covered. ANNOUNCING THE NEW MAIN STREET ENERGY FINANCING PROGRAM.


Here are the details:


  • Maximum Loan Amount = $6,500

  • 0% Interest, $3.00 per month Administrative Fee

  • Maximum Term = 60 Months

  • Added To Your Utility Bill

  • Eligible Funding Activities Include Purchase And Installation Of Natural Gas Energy Star Residential Tank And Tank-less Water Heaters And Combination Gas Heating Units.

  • Funding Is Available For Homeowners Of Single Family Dwellings.























Incentive Program:


To help our valued customers control home energy costs, we have a water heater "swap out" program.  If you are an existing gas customer with an electric water heater and will agree to replace it with a gas water heater, we will give you a 40 gallon natural gas water heater free.  You are only responsible for the cost of installation.  For those customers that already have a natural gas water heater that needs replacing, we will sell you a new 40 gallon water heater at our cost.


city of americus natural gas department incentive program

Did you know? The City of Americus Natural Gas Services Department sells gas appliances, water heaters, gas logs, etc. There is even a payment plan available on these purchases.  Call for more information.


David Wooden

Natural Gas Director

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 401

Fax: 229-924-0143


Darrell King

Gas Superintendent

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 403

Fax: 229-924-0143

Diann Duke

Administrative Assistant

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 402

Fax: 229-924-0143

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