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Equal Payment Plan

Natural Gas rates fluctuate monthly with market price.  Because of these fluctuations and the heavy usage of gas during the winter months, the City offers an “Equal Payment Plan”.  In order to qualify for the plan, the customer account must be in good standing.  The application must be submitted before March 1st with the understanding that the contract is in effect for an entire year.  Annual renewal is not necessary, but we must be notified in writing by March 1st to discontinue an existing contract.  To learn more about the plan, please see the application link below.

Print Equal Payment Plan Form


For more information, contact


Toni Minter

COA Customer Service Center

229-924-4411 Ext. 226

city of americus natural gas department equal payment plan


David Wooden

Natural Gas Director

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 401

Fax: 229-924-0143


Darrell King

Gas Superintendent

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 403

Fax: 229-924-0143

Diann Duke

Administrative Assistant

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 402

Fax: 229-924-0143

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