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Gas Leaks

How to recognize a gas leak: You may already know that natural gas has no smell. The Gas Department adds a substance to it called Captan that smells something like rotten eggs, so that our customers will notice a gas leak. But don’t depend on your sense of smell alone to detect a gas leak. You might have a gas leak if you notice:


  • The smell of gas

  • Long-lasting bubbling in standing water near the pipeline area

  • Dead grass or other dried-up vegetation in the pipeline area

  • Earth moving or dirt blowing in the air near the pipeline area

  • A damaged connection to a gas pipeline

  • An exposed gas pipeline after an earthquake or natural disaster

  • A roaring or hissing sound inside the house or garage (or outside it)


















What to do if you smell gas: If you do smell gas — and especially if you smell gas and hear a hissing sound -— get out immediately (leave the doors open so the gas can dissipate). Make sure everyone in the house or building evacuates.

In addition:


  • Put your cigarette out right away if you’re smoking.

  • Never use candles or matches to look for a gas leak.

  • Do not light a match, candle, stove, or lighter or turn a light switch, electrical appliance, doorbell or garage opener on or off — they could all cause a spark which is a potential ignition source.

  • Do not use your phone (even a cell phone) on the premises — a phone could also create an ignition source.

  • Call the utility emergency line only when you are a safe distance away.

  • Don’t go back into the building or area until a utility investigator has declared it is safe.




Who do I call if I smell gas? Call the City of Americus Natural Gas Department


Monday-Friday 7:00am-4:00pm                              (229) 924-7224

Emergency After Hours/Weekends/Holidays          (229) 937-9011




David Wooden

Natural Gas Director

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 401

Fax: 229-924-0143


Darrell King

Gas Superintendent

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 403

Fax: 229-924-0143

Diann Duke

Administrative Assistant

Office: 229-924-4411 Ext. 402

Fax: 229-924-0143

Natural gas department, gas leak information

Did you know? Natural gas in it's natural form has no odor.  The distinctive smell you recognize is actually added by the gas company to help you detect gas leaking into the air.  This harmless odor, kind of like rotten eggs, is called mercaptan.


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