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Utility Rates



All utility service rates are subject to change and are therefore not published on this site.  Please call our Utility Billing department at 229-924-4411 to obtain the current rates.  


  • Water service is billed with a base rate and a consumption rate.  Generally, base and consumption rate changes are effective each January 1st.

  • Sewer service rates are billed with a base rate & a consumption rate.  The consumption rated is based on water monthly usage.


Both Water and Sewer rates are doubled for service provided outside of the city limits.


  • Sanitation service is billed using 1/12 of the annual rate of the cost of these services to the City.  These rates are usually established on January 1st.  


Toni Minter

Customer Service Admin

217 W. Forsyth Street

229-924-4411 Ext 226


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