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Georgia Rental Assistance Program

If the communities you serve have been suffering financial hardship, we have provided several resources for you to share with those individuals and families. Georgia Rental Assistance (GRA) program can provide financial assistance to those who have fallen behind on rent and utilities.


The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) launched this program in March 2021 to assist landlords and renters affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this new update provides an opportunity to provide much-needed financial assistance. 


Outreach Kit

We have provided an outreach kit where you can learn more information and share with your community. Click this link to download the materials and read more about the contents in our outreach kit below. 


  • Website: - Please share with your community to ensure they can access the most accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Flyer:  This document provides a snapshot of the program, including basic details, how to apply, and how to contact our offices for help and information. We suggest this be distributed as broadly as possible, as it is an effective means of attracting initial interest.

  • Blog: These blogs to help you and your renters understand program requirements. 

  • Graphics: There are several sizes for you to choose from for your website and you can link them to

  • Social media: You can also use the square graphics to share information in emails and social media sites along with social media captions. Use the blog or program website and be sure to tag DCA using the following accounts: Facebook: @georgiaDCA // Twitter & Instagram: @ga_dca


Resources and More Information

*This program is not run or operated by the City of Americus. Please use the information and links provided above for details. This page is simply made available to citizens to be aware of the program and its offerings.

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