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Renaissance Strategic Vision & Plan


Outline of Projects



  • Communications

  • Communicating with Students Ongoing

    • GSW and SGTC Community Involvement Ongoing

  • Connectivity

    • Connecting GSW and Americus High School Students to Downtown

  • Connecting Downtown with GSW Campus Completed

    • Coordinating a transportation system during peak times to bring students downtown

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Completed

  • City Services Downtown

    • Keeping all city services such as bill-paying, downtown

  • Civic Leadership Quarterly Meetings Completed

    • Improving communication with civic groups through quarterly meetings and planning sessions

  • 100 Volunteers Completed

  • Calendar Coordination and Promotion

  • City Website

  • Smile Americus Campaign

    • Positivity for tourists coming to town



  • Coordinate Extended-Hour Events

  • Create a First Friday Event Completed

  • Rylander Theatre

    • Kids Matinee Movies on Big Shopping Days

    • A Monthly Thursday, Friday, or Saturday Night Movie Completed

    • Rylander Social/Mixer

  • Dinner and a Movie

  • Farm to Table Walk

    • Showcase local foods in a fun and festive atmosphere

  • Develop a “Shop Downtown” Campaign

  • Advertise to Students Ongoing

  • Promote 1, 2, and 3 day Trips Completed

  • Yearly Fashion Events



  • Walk Campaign

  • Clean Up Downtown

    • Maintenance

    • Light up Alleys at night Completed

  • Improve the look of Gateways/Corridors In progress

  • Infrastructure Connectivity (improvements)

    • Determine the maintenance schedule for all downtown infrastructure Completed

    • Sidewalks In progress

    • Bike lanes

    • Secondary roads

      • adding more sidewalks for foot traffic

    • Greening

      • planting trees on secondary roads

    • Curb Cuts

    • Connect Downtown and the Hwy 19 Park

  • Beautify Downtown Derelict Properties In progress

  • Playground at Lenny’s Farmer’s Market

  • Jackson Street Depot Completed

  • Traffic-Calming Solutions In progress

  • Pedestrians along Lamar Street and West Forsyth Streets In progress

    • Make crossing the street safe

    • Add more crosswalks, bike lanes, etc.

  • Rylander Park In progress

  • Complete Street Policy Completed

    • Making the streets safer for citizens to walk and bike all over Americus

  • Design Helper Group Completed

    • Free consultation for façade improvements and historic preservation

  • Garden Club Downtown Planters Completed

  • Façade Grant Program Completed


Economic Vitality

  • Business Retention

    • Business retention and expansion in progress

    • Business recruitment through SGTC and GSW

    • Recruit new businesses In progress

    • Downtown incentive workshop

  • Housing Redevelopment Tools

  • SGTC, GSW, and Downtown

    • Downtown property development or programmatic opportunities for future SGTC and GSW campus needs

  • Code Enforcement Completed

  • Safety Grants Completed

    • Wiring and fire safety grants to encourage upper-story housing redevelopment

  • Form-Based Code

    • The appearance of buildings

  • Arts and Entertainment District Completed

    • Using vacant areas of downtown for arts and entertainment


Outside of Downtown:

  • McGarrah Street Entry Corridor

    • Decrease road width

    • Incorporate Civil Rights memorabilia to pay homage to Americus’ rich Civil Rights history

  • Historic Residential Neighborhoods

  • Land Bank Completed

    • Used to effectively manage and repurpose an inventory of underused, abandoned, or foreclosed properties

  • Muckalee Creek Park Improvements In progress

    • Making improvements to programming a canoe and kayak launch, rear entry pedestrian and biking access that connect to downtown, trails, wayfinding signage and a dog park

  • Rails with Trails Cannot Happen

    • Adding a greenway that runs adjacent to the railroad tracks

  • Golf Carts

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Patrick Kay

Main Street/DDA Director

101 West Lamar Street

229-924-4411 ext 235


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