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Frequently Asked Questions

Stormwater Utility Questions

What is stormwater runoff?

How is stormwater runoff a problem?

How does the City intend to deal with these problems?

How does the City plan to address its multiple drainage needs and priorities?

What is Stormwater Utility?

What is a Stormwater User Fee?

How do you set a user fee charge for an individual property?

How would my user fee bill be calculated?

What if my property has a detention pond?

How does this user fee amount compare to other Georgia communities?

Why did the City considering a stormwater user fee charge to fund stormwater management services?

In the past, how have stormwater services been funded?

Isn't this just another tax?

Would churches and other tax-exempt properties be required to pay the stormwater user fee?

Is there any way to reduce the Stormwater Fee that is being charged?

What will be the frequency of billing and the billing mechanism?

Who do I call if I have additional questions?

How do I learn more about Americus's stormwater utility?

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