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New Services

To establish any of our utility services, citizens must visit our Customer Service Center at 217 W Forsyth Street during regular business hours.  We require original signatures, picture identification, and in the case of rentals, a copy of the rental agreement. All forms of payment, except checks, are accepted for security deposits. Security deposits are based on a risk assessment utilizing Online Utility Exchange.  The security deposits for water service range from zero to $125.00.  The security deposits for natural gas service range from zero to $225.00.  Customers whose deposits are waived have a $25.00 connection fee for water service and $25.00 connection fee for natural gas service.  After two years of excellent credit, the deposits are credited to the customer utility account.  Commercial customer deposits are based on a monthly average usages calculated by our Customer Service Representatives.  If services are discontinued, the deposits are applied to the final bill.


Connections for new facilities will require tap fees for both sewer and water.


Toni Minter

Customer Service Admin

217 W Forsyth Street

229-924-4411 Ext 226


New Service Line

If you are interested in obtaining a new water, gas or sewer service line to your residence,  you should make application through the Utility Billing Department at 217 W Forsyth Street.  The department will contact you to obtain information to determine the size of service necessary.  We will then tell you about the cost associated with line installation.


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