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Line Locates

The State of Georgia requires that before you dig you must notify the Georgia One Call Center for location of:


  • Gas Lines

  • Water Lines

  • Sewer Lines

  • Electric Lines

  • Telephone Lines

  • Cable Lines 

Know what's below

      Call before you dig.

From anywhere in Georgia: 

Dial 811 OR 1-800-282-7411

Call 811 BEFORE*...

  • Installing a rural mailbox

  • Putting in a fence

  • Planing trees or shrubbery

  • Building a deck or patio

  • Excavation a new garden area

*These are a few examples of when to call.  Call at least 2 days before any digging project. 


  Guidelines from Georgia811 UPC, Inc. for more information click here.

For faster service or to learn more about the Georgia Dig Law visit

This is for your safety and ours. We will send qualified personnel to mark service lines and mains where applicable.

This service is free and we will respond within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. 

NOTE:  When you call, make sure to write down the ticket number you are given. To find out the status of your locate, call 1-888-670-2902.


Positive Response Information System (PRIS)

  • Wait 48 hours

  • PRESS 1 for Contractor, 2 for Utility Owner, 3 for home owner

  • Enter your 10 digit telephone number associated with your ticket

  • Enter your ticket number and listen to each response as reported to the system

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