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Leaks or Back-ups


If you have a sewer backup in your home, call a Plumber immediately.


If it is determined that the backup is on the City side of the right-of-way, sewer mains or manholes, call (229) 924-4411. It if is after normal business hours call 911.



Mike Sistrunk

Public Works Director


Email: Courtney Bowers


If you have a water leak, first check to see where it is located.  The City is responsible for water leaks from the water meter back to the water mains located in the right-of-way. If you see a water leak on the city's right-of-way or in the street, please call (229) 924-4411 and report it. Call 911 after hours.


If the leak is between your water meter and your structure, or inside of your structure, then please contact a plumber.


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