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Historic District

The Americus Historic District was established and approved as a Nationally Registered Historic District by the Division of Historic Preservation of the Department of Natural Resources in 1979.  In 1986, the Mayor and City Council of Americus passed the Preservation Ordinance creating the Americus Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). The City of Americus Historic Preservation Commission was established to provide protection, preservation, and rehabilitation of historic properties within the historic district. 


The City of Americus Historic Preservation Commission has established uniform procedures for use in providing for the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of places, sites, buildings, structures, objects, landscape features, and works of art having a special historical, cultural or aesthetic interest or value.


One of the major responsibilities is the review of Certificates of Appropriateness for historic district properties. Property owners within the historic district are required to obtain approval of alterations or new construction involving historic properties by submitting a certificate of appropriateness to the Historic Preservation Commission.  The Historic Preservation Commission only approves applications and issues a certificate of appropriateness if it finds that the proposed material changes in the appearance would not have a substantial adverse effect on the aesthetic, historic, or architectural significance and value of the historic property. 


As explained in the City of Americus Code of Ordinances Section 14-272 Article VII Historic Preservation Certificate of appropriateness, “In making this determination, the commission shall consider, in addition to any other pertinent factors, the historical and architectural value and significance, architectural style, general design arrangement, texture and material of the architectural features involved, and the relationship thereof to the exterior architectural style. The commission will deny a certificate of appropriateness if it finds that the proposed material changes in appearance would have substantial adverse effects on the aesthetic, historic or architectural significance and value of the historic property.” 


If you plan to renovate, construct a building, place a sign or remove a tree within this District submit a Certificate of Appropriateness application to the Planning and Inspection Department by the 25th of the month, prior to the Historic Preservation Commission meeting. The HPC meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:00 pm and the applicant must be present for the meeting.


Note: If this application is for a new property construction, existing property demolition, or house moving, a $200.00 application fee is required payable to the City of Americus. If you are a contractor, please also submit a letter of consent from the property owner along with this application.


Roger Willis

Chief Building Inspector

229-924-4411 ext. 232



Office Location:

101 West Lamar Street

2nd Floor Municipal Building

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