Grounds and Maintenance

The Grounds & Maintenance Department is in charge of sidewalk repair, mowing and up keep of City right-of-ways, parks and City cemeteries. The department also handles city owned building repairs such as painting, renovation and concrete work. Our Grounds & Maintenance Department works with our Street Department on many jobs.


Street Department


Chris Wooden

Interim Public Works Director


email: Courtney Bowers 

The Street Department is in charge of pothole repair, street repair, street sweeping, street signs and low hanging limbs and dead trees on the City's right-of-way.



Street Resurfacing & Reconfiguration Project


The following projects are Georgia Department of Transportation projects:


  • Lamar Street Reconfiguration

  • Lamar Street Resurfacing

  • Forsyth Street Resurfacing


If you wish to file a claim, please call the Georgia Department of Administrative Services - Risk Management at (404) 656-3237.


In addition, if you see a pothole, please call 511 to report it or visit