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Americus Geographic Information System

We collect, create, organize, manage, analyze, communicate, share, and distribute geographic information for the City of Americus, Sumter County and surrounding areas. We have a wide variety of different types of maps and databases that we create and put to work for our communities.
Our government leaders and departments use GIS in a wide range of applications including planning and analysis, asset management, operational awareness, field operations such as mobile inspection and response deployment, market research, resource management, logistics, education, and outreach. In general, people use GIS because it helps them to:


  • Solve problems

  • Make better decisions

  • Plan successfully

  • Make better use of resources

  • Anticipate and manage change

  • Manage and run operations more efficiently

  • Promote collaboration between teams, disciplines, and institutions

  • Increase understanding and knowledge

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Educate and motivate others


Americus Geographic Information System is focused on providing the most current and updated Geospatial data to our community. The world wants to see maps and although people use GIS for many reasons, one useful way to think of GIS is as a powerful communication tool. Whether our audience is the public at large, planners, business executives, elected government officials, customers, students, or colleagues at work, we ultimately want them to use GIS so they can see and understand. GIS makes it easy to communicate and share our work and put powerful maps, visualizations, and functionality into people's hands without requiring that they be GIS experts. We do this by providing our GIS maps and data online at


Our system is one central location, providing a one stop access to GIS information for all of Americus and Sumter County. Communicating and sharing our work is perhaps the most rewarding part of our job.








Beverly Butcher

GIS Coordinator

2nd Floor Municipal Building

229-924-4411 ext. 241





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