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Americus Fire and Emergency Services

The department deploys personnel from three locations. 


Station #1 is located in the heart of downtown Americus and houses one fully staffed engine company, one partially staffed ladder company, one reserve engine, and the administrative offices. 


Station #2 is located off  Southfield Road in a rapidly developing industrial park.  Station #2 houses one fully staffed engine company.

Station #3, on Crawford St, was dedicated to service on November 1, 1999. It houses one fully staffed engine company, the shift commanders office, the office of training and prevention, and the Fire Marshal.


The city of Americus has earned an ISO rating of 1.

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Roger Bivins

Fire Chief

Fire Station #1

(Public Safety Bldg.)

119 South Lee Street



These stations protect the approximate 12 square miles inside the City limits. 


The department also offers CPR classes to groups, businesses, and individuals.



Fire Marshal


The Americus City Fire Marshal can help you with any residential or commercial questions concerning fire safety equipment as well as Fire Safety Inspections on Commercial and Industrial property.


Jared Ward

Fire Marshal

2nd Floor City Hall

101 W. Lamar Street

229-924-4411 ext. 255



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