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Business License

In order to operate a business within the city limits of Americus, the operator must have a valid business license.


This is obtained by preparing an annual occupational tax return and remitting the appropriate amount of business and occupational taxes. The Finance Department mails renewal tax returns each year on January 15th. The returns are due back to the City by January 31st.


Once the City processes the returns, invoices are mailed and the remittance is due by March 15th. Invoices not paid by this date are considered delinquent and are subject to penalties and interest. There is a $50 fee for late renewals.  Please see the below link for a “new business license application.” To learn more, please see the FAQ section.


Toni Minter

Customer Service Admin

217 W. Forsyth Street

229-924-4411 Ext. 226


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